Power Pop Overdose

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Bonus Episode! Volume 14

Episode Summary

This week on Power Pop Overdose, I can’t believe that it is July already so I figured that I would bring you some of my favorite tracks from 2021 so far! This includes tracks from albums, EPs and singles released from January thru June 2021. I think you will dig this one so crank it up and revel in the Popcast. As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

Episode Notes

Truth – Jim Trainor

The Lamp – Phil Angotti

I Wont Budge – Irene Pena

Get To The Gig – Ray Allen

Baby Blue – Underwater Sunshine

The Knowing – Deadlights

All Made Up – The Reflectors

Now I Am A Man – Dolph Chaney

Planet of Love (feat. Lisa Mychols) – Emperor Penguin

Sunshine Blues - Richie Mayer

Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow – Electric Looking Glass

All My Worries – SUPER 8

You Sold Tomorrow - Orbis Max w/ Martin Holt and Ed Ryan

Fall – Chris Church

Steer You Wrong – The Nuclear[CV1]s

Game Day – Star Collector

Into The Black – Kevin Robertson

My Summer Song – The Cudas

Televangelist – Dolour

Love Me While You Can – The Handcuffs

Hits To Spare – The Poppermost

I Want You – The Rubs

Sway Little Player – The Shang Hi Los

Love Is Everything! - The Bablers

Breakable – Local Drags

She Looks Familiar – Rich Williams