Power Pop Overdose

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Bonus Episode! Volume 7

Episode Summary

Another week and there is more music than I know what to do with. That is good news for you because now PPO can bring you a bonus episode! Artists include Orbis Max, Kai Danzberg , The Vapour Trails, The Milwaukees plus a ton more. As Always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

Episode Notes

  1. Be With You - Orbis Max
  2. Bring On the Sound - Darron Robinson
  3. Let Him Go - Kai Danzberg & Dear Stella
  4. A Shadow That Comes From Nothing - Mythical Motors
  5. The Man With The Sun For A Head - The Amplifier Heads
  6. Say What You Will.. – Ed Ryan
  7. Drowned Out - Andrew Taylor and the Harmonizers
  8. History Rhymes - Empty City Squares
  9. No Way Out - The Milwaukees
  10. Don’t Worry Baby – Jagger Holly & Windowsill
  11. Vertical Groove - The Turnback
  12. Cry a Little Tear (Featuring Emily Grogan) - Jay Allen and the Archcriminals
  13. Tell Me That You're Mine - The Top Boost
  14. Hate For Sale – The Pretenders
  15. Stranded (Again) – Idolizers
  16. Look Around You – Mammals
  17. Nothin' I Can Do - Indonesian Junk
  18. Nu Skin - Soft Wires
  19. Strange – The Vapour Trails
  20. I'm Sorry, Tomorrow - Secret Friend
  21. Bustin' Out - Dan Israel
  22. Hangin in the Louvre – The Plastic Pals
  23. Yes and No – Dolour
  24. Dream World – The Explorers Club