Power Pop Overdose

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 20

Episode Summary

This week on Power Pop Overdose We Highlight new music from The Bookends, The Resonars, The Gold Needles, Trip Wire and Hi-End. Additionally, we feature music from the Motor City, State Records, five from 1985 plus a lot more. As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

Episode Notes

New and Notable

01 Shes Got It - The Bookends

02 We Will Welcome You Back Home - The Resonars

03 Katie Says - Trip Wire

04 Counting the Days - The Gold Needles

05 Perfect Company - Hi-End

Who Left the Garage Open?

06 You're on My Mind - The Event

07 In A World That Just Don't Care - The Higher State

08 The Flight Reaction - Take Me Away

09 On The Ground - The Elevator Operators

10 Don't Lose Your Mind - The Beginner's Mynd

Motor City Music

11 Time Release - Service

12 I Got My Eye On You - The Shake

13 Escape - Secrets

14 Gotta Take You Out Tonight - The Sting Rays

15 I Can't Tell You Anything - The Romantics

Five From 85

16 Dont Run Wild - Del Fuegos

17 Sex - Jack Lee

18 That Was Then, This Is Now - The Mosquitos

19 Waters Part - Let's Active

20 Looking For Lewis And Clark - The Long Ryders

State Records UK

21 I Hate The World Around Me - Paul Messis

22 Penelope Tuesday - The Optic Nerve

23 Don't Look At Me - The Embrooks

24 Clarifoil - Bronco Bullfrog

25 I'll Call Your Bluff - The Youth